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Thread: RAM + motherbord = confused

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    Exclamation RAM + motherbord = confused

    Hey, I'm setting up a new pc, primarily to play the latest games out there (STALKER, C&C 3, sup com etc), I have elected ot go for an E6600, I'm keeping my gfx card (7800 GT 512Mb), I have also seen good deals on 2GB PC6400 RAM, running at 800Mhz, which is all good and well till i decide to go look for a motherboard, half the sites don't say if the motherboards are PC6400 compatible, and after looking all over the internet for knowledge in this field, i erm, failed. So here I am, anyone know a good Intel motherboard, that will run PC6400 RAM for as little pennies as possible, price limit of at most £110

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    AB9 QuadGT is excellent & should meet your budget.
    However, something like a Gigabyte 965P-S3 will do it for less if you need only basic features.

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