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Thread: CD repair kits - do they work/recommendations

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    CD repair kits - do they work/recommendations

    A couple of weeks ago I found a CD-ROM of combat chess I've had for about ten years.

    Put it into my machine and couldn't get it to play.

    I looked at the surface of the disk and noticed there were a few light scratches.

    I did a google for CD repair kit and one of the results was for something called Wipe Out! which is a fluid which is supposed to fill the scratches

    I ordered this stuff and it came, I managed to get round to trying to use it today and it just doesn't work.

    Did another google and found all kinds of fluids and machines.

    Has anybody got any recommendations on what you have used and found to work?



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    A friend used something that had some strange wheel and polished the surface of the CD. It worked.
    You could also try toothpaste (a mild abrasive) to wear the scratches down. Just clean it before use!

    Alternately, you may be able to download combat chess as a backup as your legit version is scratched. Investigate abandonware.
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    Contact whoever made it and ask for a new disc

    A few light scratches shouldn't make that much difference though. I guess you could try one of those wheel things, can usually pick them up cheap in shops...

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    I think they usually work, however when they are finished the disk looks like its scratched to buggery but somehow it works.

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