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Thread: Advice please: Connect 2.5 PATA to main PC

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    Advice please: Connect 2.5 PATA to main PC

    HI there - am helping a friend who's laptop hard drive (P ATA 2.5 inch) had begun failing (becoming noisy, no longer viewable in the BIOS etc, a new drive has sorted the problem).
    I now want to attempt to recover any data, if possible.

    Can anyone post me a link or advice on the best sort of lead/cable or connection to do so?
    I have considered buying an external hard drive caddy to hook up over USB, but to be honest would happy enough just with some sort of 2.5 to 3.5 inch cable. I tried finding one on Scan but no joy, but did see this "connect ANY IDE device" over USB, for 11 quid.

    Any other ideas or experience? Thanks in advance
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    I've got a couple of those cables at work.

    works a treat

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