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Thread: A tale of the illogical

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    A tale of the illogical

    This is just a small note for anyone using a creative x-fi xtreme music soundcard with a gigabyte NF4 NF9 motherboard and an F7000UK revision 1 belkin wireless network adapter.

    Don't disable the on-board audio do reduce the chance of driver conflicts, for some reason that breaks you network connection aswell .

    I apologize to the mods for such a specific post but having spent from 9AM this morning trying to figure out why my internet was broken I am quite irritated and hopefully this will help anyone else whop might end up with the same error in the future

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    Useful info. I'll go check my bios settings. I've got a gigabyte NF4 board, x-fi fatality origina;, and f7000 belkin adapter.
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