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Thread: Hangs with SD39P2

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    Unhappy Hangs with SD39P2

    I’ve bought myself a SD39P2, Q6600, 4x1GB DDR2 667MHz and a GF8800 GTS 640MB. Using this setup (actually down to 2GB now because one pair of DIMMs was defective) I’m experiencing intermittant IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL bluescreens, freezes etc. in various subsystems (it’s not the same driver every time) Sometimes they’re rather unexplainable, but running 3Dmark05/06 is a guaranteed hang.

    I’ve updated to the latest forceware driver, I’ve run the most obvious tests as memtest-86 (where I found the faulty DIMM, but the other pair is fine), cpu burn (stable), checked the voltages and fan speeds. I’ve even tried to pin both CPU, Case and GFX card fan to maximum, which made it sound like a jet engine but didn’t help. Temperatures are next to nothing, CPU was to 50/70C max on standard fans, almost 20C lower on max while GPU was 70C idle on standard, 60 on max. Since it freezes up on GPU load, I don’t have a figures from that but from what I can read the idle speeds are normal.

    Since I’ve run out of other things to try I’ve started to look at the PSU, but from the sites I’ve read it should be able to handle the Q6600 on one 12V rail, the 8800GTS on the other. I tried using a PSU calculator and it came with a recomenedation of >372W powersupply from a good supplier, and listed Shuttle as one of the very good ones. That is less than the 400W supplied but still the best guess I got. Anyone with a similar setup who’d like to share their experience?

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    hey mate, might have the solution....

    have you put the working memory in the either the two red mem slots or the two black ones?

    some people have had problems when they mix red and black?

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