Hey guys/girls..

Well - I'm pretty much bored of my shuttle now - and instead of using a decent machine as a fileserver, i've managed to get a old box from work which ill shove some HDD's in..

Haven't really seen many shuttles go up for sale - complete that is..

Up for sale would be

Shuttle SN25P - still boxed and bought back in June 06
AMD 4400 x2 939 (OEM) and may even throw in a AMD 4000 San Diego (Retail)
XFX 7900 GT xXx 256MB with upgraded cooling..
2Gb Corsair 3200 Twin X XMS
320,120,80 Gb - Western Digital SATA drives.
Pioneer DVD RW
Modded Front Panel (AlphaCool LCD) with Orignal Panel also.
Audigy 2 NX - External USB soundcard

System would be blank - as the XP copy I use is my works corporate licence..

oh and i've still got the shuttle bag which goes with it!

Pic of the mod done to the front panel:

Close up of the LCD Screen:

Overall its a nice SFF which has been well looked after - but im thinking of going for another SFF with more kick!

Any Idea's on Prices?

P.S if this is in the wrong place - can an admin move it please