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Thread: Watercooling & Gigabyte Aurora (dual radiator?)

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    Watercooling & Gigabyte Aurora (dual radiator?)

    Hi guys, my first post so please go gentle!

    Built a new system recently into a cube case and ventured into watercooling for a laugh (one way to get your kicks!) and its all good - Swiftech H20-120 kit + nb block.

    However I've decided to go to an 8800GTS and want to watercool it. Since I doubt my single radiator can cope with an oc'd E6600 and a (hopefully) oc'd 8800, figured I should definately add another rad, which quickly turned into "i might stand a chance with a dual rad". So that turned in to "meh forget this mATX lark, I'm gonna get a 680i". Which also means I need a new case. (like my logic? lol)

    So... this is where i could do with some help and advice - and thats where you chaps (hopefully - pretty please) come in!

    1. Do you reckon a dual rad will do the job and keep all my temps decent?

    2. If I decide to go SLI, will my wc be woefully inadequate for a E6600 and dual 8800GTS?

    3. The Gigabyte Aurora (the forum wont allow me to link cos i'm too nub - item no LN11501 from will obviously take a dual rad externally... what about internally in the same space? I'd LOVE to be able to slip a dual rad in there and keep it all internal without having to modify the case. So if any Aurora users with dual rads can take a peek for me, that would be awesome!

    Yes I know, I want everything far to simple, but hey, I only have a simple mind.

    Any input or advice or criticism will be happily accepted. Ok, not so much the criticism, but you get the idea

    Thanks in advance.
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    a Thermochill PA120.2 will easily cool a 6600 and a 8800 - its only when going to SLI, you might want consider to go to a PA120.3

    If you need space for a full size watercooling loop - go for something like a LianLi - and mount the Rad in the roof.

    I've had a custom LianLi PC65 for ages doing nothing, since I went to SFF - but I may go back to watercooling again soon..

    Also make sure you got a powerful pump with decent flow rates... always help when doing a big loop!

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    I would advise against a 680i board, they are frought with problems and often if you escape one set of problems, the others will get you....but, if you must, they I would recommend that you cool the northbridge and southbridge as they get insanely hot. Forget SLI with the GTS cards, sell the current GTS and buy a GTX. Much much less heat, and to cool that lot, I would recommend a PA120.3. Yate loon fans work well with those
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    I used to have the Aurora case and had a dual 120mm rad mounted externally on the back 2 120mm fans.

    I doubt very much that you will able to mount the rad internally. The case is smaller than it appears. I was running SLi 7800GTs at the time and there was not enough room. I ended up selling the Aurora for a CM Stacker - plenty of room to mount internally in this.

    MY suggestion would be to look at other cases. LianLi make some big, well cooled cases as do Coolermaster and many others.

    See the pic in this thread: Thats the only way to easily mount a dual rad. If you go triple then I wouldnt even consider the Aurora

    Also, do as Clunk says and get a single GTX rather than SLi GTS's
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    Thanks guys.

    Just to clarify - i'm not PLANNING to go SLI straight away. I'd love a GTX straight off the bat, but I'm not paying £400 for a graphics card, I can stomach a sub-£250 hit now for a GTS and then (if needed) an additional lower payout at a later date for a bit more umph. I'm just trying to plan ahead.

    Wrt 680i, I thought most if not all the problems were almost ironed out now. Am I wrong? I'm mostly interested in these for the dual 16x PCI-E, but if there are still major issues, perhaps I should just get a case, my GTS and stick with my current mATX board til something better comes along.

    Also, thanks to s_kinton, thats the kind of insight I was after. I saw the thread you linked (I did search) but it never quite clarified if the rad COULD fit inside - i even considered replying to that specific thread, but figured thread necromancy would be a v bad thing to do (especially for my first post lol). but tbh your reply was exactly the type of thing i was after. So thats a "no" to the aurora then.

    I was also looking at the thermaltake armor, where I could mount the rad at the front, but I'm not too keen on the styling. The stacker is just a bit too pricy given I have to buy my GTS at the same time (tho i do LOVE the look of that case!).

    Got a thermaltake Matrix knocking about at home, maybe I should just carve that up and mount a dual rad in the front. Hmm...

    Any suggestions for any specific cases to check out would be welcome - i've been looking for a while now but haven't had anything other than that already mentioned catch my eye.

    Thanks agani guys

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    have had my bfg 680i for while now been good as gold no issue' s currently still p24 bois's


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