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Thread: Unknown Partition problem-HELP!!!!!:)

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    Unknown Partition problem-HELP!!!!!:)


    I am trying to fix someones machine after a very nasty crash, could do with any advice possible, here goes:

    C Partition 10 GB ( Windows )
    D Partition 65 GB ( Apps + data )-this had about 20 GB empty space.
    E USB HD 20 GB ( backups )
    F Win 98 10 GB ( os)

    The user attempted adding empty space ( about 10 GB )from D to C using Partition Magic.
    During the process, Partition Magic crashed,froze and the user was forced to restart.
    After restart, the user has

    C Partion 10 GB and now
    Unknown Partition 65 GB ( this was D Partition before the attempt)
    E + F partions are unaffected.
    All partitions were under Fat32.

    The apps that were on D now cant find the specified path- i assume due to the Partion table for D being screwed by the crash.
    How can i recover the 65GB Unknown Partition to be D partition so that the apps can see the specified path again?

    I realise this is a complete git of a problem-can anyone help??

    Many Thanks.


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    Get WindowsPE together with PQMagic on a USB stick, boot from it and fix it with PQMagic.

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    Sure PartitionMagic will let you assign the unknown partition to the letter D?

    If not, try assigning it that drive letter via Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management: Disk Management

    Oh and if it came from somewhere like PC World, be careful not to wipe out any small partitions without drive letters, they're frequently the backup

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