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Thread: Silly Question: Removing LG LCD Stand

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    Unhappy Silly Question: Removing LG LCD Stand

    Hi guys

    So... I've built the computer I'm giving my brother for his birthday (E4300 on a steady 3GHz oc, very happy with it) and have now come to box it all back up - only to find that the screen won't fit back in its box!

    It's an LG 192WS and the base of the stand comes off easily but the "neck" is well and truly clicked into place - and I can't get it off! There's nothing in the manuals and no obvious buttons (as there was with the base) or release mechanism to use.

    Any ideas?

    I am seriously considering having to chop a bit out of the box so that the neck can stick out



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    Page A4 of the manual I found on the LG website (I would send a link if it wasn't some silly javascripted page).

    If you can't get to it, the process is as follows:
    1. Place the screen face down on a cushion or other soft flat surface.

    2. Raise the stand slightly (with base still on for a little extra leverage), as if tilting the screen backward.

    3. Hold the side of the base and rotate it towards the side of the monitor until you hear a click. Something like:

    4. Pull the stand off downwards.
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    Talking Thanks!


    You're a star, thanks very much for your help and for taking the time to look.

    I struggled a bit with the LG site and didn't get any manual in the box, just a quickstart thing and the guarantee in a dozen languages. I've now printed the PDF out and will have a go this evening when I get home.

    Thanks again, much appreciated


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