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Thread: Best single slot GPUs for HDTV

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    Best single slot GPUs for HDTV

    Hello all,

    quick one as i need to meet someone - thinking about setting up a mid/small pc to hook up to a HDTV, to do photos, music, WMCE, that sort of thing. WOuld like to to a bit of gaming, nothing too stressful, but I have only a single slot PCI-E. What would be the best card that might be able to output 1366x768, which is the TV resolution?

    BTW, this is what i will be using:

    Thanks for any advice!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jonathan_phang View Post
    quick one as i need to shoot off
    oooh errr

    what about a nice 7600GT for some not too stressful gaming? they're getting quite cheap too

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