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Thread: my first impressions of the MS Reclusa..

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    my first impressions of the MS Reclusa..

    first impressions was initial joy that it arrived then horror at the picture of the keyboard has the US layout, wasnt to be though as i have a normal UK keyb.

    its a lot wider than my outgoing MS Media Pro keyboard but the keys are noticeably quieter than the MS Media Pro, i have noticed i'm hitting the L3 a lot instead of pressing ctrl/shift which brings up the media player.

    only been playing around for an hour, i guess i'll get used to it (or i can disable the hotkey). the wrist rest has a nice leathery feel to it, much better than the usual plastic affair.

    the shiny black piece of plastic is weird, it doesnt fit too well with the rest of the keyb and i actually thought that it had popped out of place as its not flush with the rest of the board.

    the 2 jog dials arent of very solid construction, they feel like they are very loose and can fall off at any point and the legs for propping the rear up arent very tall. the feet dont have rubber on them but the wrist rest does and seems to keep the whole thing in one place on my table.

    also ran into another problem with running the reclusa and a 2007 g5 off a belkin kvm with a laptop that has a boot password, i think it was drawing too much power and not powering up either mouse or keyb. in the end i have to adjust the sensitivity on the mouse to the lowest which makes the keyboard responsive again. i think its generally an ibm thinkpad problem as i've had problems with kvm's before so the problem only effects a small number of people.

    i dont have that sort of problem on my desktop rig at all.

    one thing i have noticed is that setpoint is complaining about needing to be reinstalled on my desktop, though i had to go through some convuluted install process to get it to recognise the g5 and the dinovo i have attached to it. grr!

    though it is my first illuminated keyboard so i cant compare it to the saitek or g11/g15 but very happy with the purchase. i dont care that i cant turn it off, hopefully by the time the blue lights die, there will be a v2 with better jog dials and the ability to turn lights off/windows key disabler etc.

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    Bit too expensive for me, looks really nice though.

    My saitek eclipse II will do me great

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    Any chance of pics? I was going to get one of these, but ended up getting a Saitek Eclipse (red) for £20 (ebuyer)

    It's a nice kwyboard although not used it much. Mainly using my Microsoft from my 1st PC from Mesh (over 7 yrs old)
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    xfx 9600gt Alphadog edition (780/1950/1000) ¦ X-fi Gamer ¦ Gigabyte Poseiden ¦

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