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Thread: A man with one watch know's the time, a man with two watches is never sure

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    A man with one watch know's the time, a man with two watches is never sure

    I have recently purchased some new hardware, see the specs on the left, and am a little concerned at the way the various different software temperature monitors inform me of the CPU temperature.

    Further to Clunk's excellent tutorial, I installed TAT and Core Temp and also use Asus Probe II. I have also installed an Arctic Cooling Freezer Pro 7 HSF.

    The CPU is overclocked to an FSB 334Mhz (3Ghz)

    During idle I get temperatures around 39-44 degs, and under load (Orthos) it has peaked at 65 degs. However what I am concerned about is that each piece of software is constantly reporting different temps. Asus Probe is the most pessimistic, usually being 4-6 degs hotter than TAT, and Core Temp is usually somewhere in between.

    However Asus Probe only measures one temperature whereas the other two measure each core.

    Are these differences in temperatures something to be concerned about?

    Also, as this is my first overclock, are these temperatures about right? As I would like to overclock further...


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    I've got a similar setup and similar temps.

    I think my thermal paste is poorly applied since i've re-attached the HSF twice since first applying it.

    Seems hotter than most people and I'm as concerned as you.

    If you're hitting 65 in places I certainly wouldn't push any harder until you can resolve the issue.

    I was hitting 60 with 333x9 so have reduced o'clocking a bit until I can sort the HSF.

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    Asus probe's cpu temps are a mile off, I use Asus probe for the chipset temps and voltages, just as a rough guide.

    Coretemp is what I have found to be the most reliable.

    Your temps are quite high, so theres a few things you can try.

    Re-seat your cooler, re-apply some decent thermal paste.

    Manually set your cpu to stock voltage and see how high you can go.

    Check your airflow.
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    I've just fitted a new CPU cooler and turned down the fan. Asus Probe is showing 29C, so about 8C above ambient, but the cooler is such that I can't feel the HS without risk of touching the fan!

    I used to have SensorsView and tried SpeedFan, but neither will work with the Asus MA2-VM board. What other utilities are there, please? SV was ideal, so something like that...



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