Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so I won't comment on the looks.

The case is a bit on the small side IMO, I wouldn't want to use it with a long graphics card. Otherwise the removable mobo tray should see you OK.

80mm fans are quite a lot noisier than 120mm. If you add the extra 2 at the front it would be quite irritating, but you have the fan speed controller so that can be, at least partly, solved.

It's hard to see how effective those 2 fans would be as I can't see any air intake at the front when the door is closed. Cutting the speed won't help airflow. It doesn't mention any filter either, so dust might be a problem.

I wouldn't say the "front" ports are ideally placed either, unless you have it on the left side of your desk.

The rest seems fine, and most cases have the odd niggle or three. The real downsides are the 80mm fans and it being a little on the small side.