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Thread: util to change bios setting from within windows?

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    util to change bios setting from within windows?

    I think the answer is "no", but here goes: is there a utility (or more than one) that allows one to alter BIOS settings from within Windows WITHOUT restarting? For example the AISuite from ASUS requires a restart as I understand it and it can't modify the vcore. I'd be most interested in changing these two parameters specifically: FSB and vcore.

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    if you were running an abit uGuru board then, yes ...

    How about something like RMClock?

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    crystal CPU lets you change the fsb I think, and possibly the multiplier too. Sort of like the dynamic speed control you can have on a laptop. Probably depends onyour cpu and mobo though

    edit: or maybe it was WCPUID ?

    I'm pretty sure you can alter fsb at least
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