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Thread: BIOS changes

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    BIOS changes

    Does anyone know if its possible to change the bios on an ATX motherboard so that rather than using the reset button to reset, it ejects the CD drive?

    if not does anyone know of a way to eject the CD drive by a button other than the one on the drive itself, and without soldering? (cant solder)
    any help apreciated

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    There's usually a small hole in the front of the drive that you can stick a pin or something similar in to open it. Also you can do it in windows, but there's rarely a way in the bios. Any reason you can't use the front button? So long as the powers on the button will work.

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    its not that i CANT open the drive, its that i want use an alternative method of opening it because i wont have access to the button on the drive. And i wont be using the reset button on the new system so t would be perfect for the eject button

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    the reset switch is basiclly just a switch with two wires that plug into the motherboard.

    If there is not an eject cdrom jumper on the board (which I've never seen before) you won't be able to use that switch to eject the cdrom. The other way is to open the cdrom up and hardwire the switch into the cdrom's eject cables, but I wouldn't know where to begin on that.

    You can right click on a drive in windows and hit eject cdrom which will open the drive, but the question remains if you can't access the buttons - that surly means you won't be able to access the tray so you can't use the media any way
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