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Thread: Ballistix Help Please

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    Ballistix Help Please

    Hi all need an answer asap,
    I have Ballistix PC-8500 1066mhz ram. And I have just run CPU-z and this is what i get.
    My memory bandwitdh is showing as PC2-6400 (400mhz)

    Surely the bandwidth should show as 8500 (1066) not as PC2-6400, am I right?
    Anyone else with the same ram what are you getting in CPUz.


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    There is no JEDEC spec for PC2-8500, so the manufacturers use a PC2-6400 SPD rating.

    In other words, your RAM is rated to run at 1066Mhz, but because there is no official standard, your board sees it as the fastest RAM that there is a standard for i.e. PC2-6400.

    You either need to set a memory divider in your bios, and/or up the FSB.
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