Sometime ago I popped up with a pair of RAID arrays in one machine randomly 'forgetting' drives existed.
I surmised I was pushing the mboard too hard with 6x 250Gb's running into two different onboard controllers and came looking for RAID controller advice.

Eventually I pursueded a friendly supplier to chop a fair whack out the cost of a 3Ware 9650SE-8LPML and yes it rocks and is distinctly lovely.

However the drop-outs are still occuring only it handles them much better and it appears to be in pairs or groups. Money wasted? The RAID card rocks so I'm please we've got it but the problem still isn't nailed.

I now think the issue lies with the PSU. It would seem any given group of drives that drop-out are attached to the same cable of the PSU. So:

1. The PSU is an Easycon from Tagan. Has anyone had issues with the detachable cables or the sockets on the PSU?
2. Is 530W enough? The machine spec is #2 in my siggie.
3. If I have to change the PSU what is recommended and would the Tagan Dual Engine be a better bet for stability?