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Thread: Reccomend me a short PSU

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    Reccomend me a short PSU

    Hello, I am looking for a Replacement PSU for my Silverstone SG01 System. I used to have a Tagan EasyCon, but it was a very tight fit because it is a bit longer than normal ATX. It was 175mm long, but I have seen other ATX PSUs as short as 150mm. In my Case the PSU is opposite the optical drives and if either is to long, they won't fit. Using the Tagan EasyCon, and the shortest drive I could find there was about 2cm gap, which made the cables bend very sharply.

    So basically, I am looking for a replacement ATX PSU that is small. I have tried looking on scan, but the PSU dimensions are not in their descriptions. I have a C2D system with 2Gb Ram and a 7800GTX, I don't overclock. I need SATA and PEG connectors as well as the usual 24 pin mobo connector etc.

    The budget is about £50, I would like arround 400W.

    All suggestions gratefully received. Thanks.
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    I believe that Silverstone make a couple of PSU's with short cables specifically with the SG01 in mind - maybe one of those would suit? Lots of the SG01 reviews seem to have been including one of the short-cable silverstone psus and the nt06 cpu cooler.
    that's one of 'em - I think there might be a more powerful one somewhere too. Pretty sure scan stock 'em?

    edit: £just shy of £60 from scan...

    I might be getting a SG01 although I already bought a psu ... off to measure it now!

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