I just bought a combo mobo processor deal at Fry's trying to get a jump to the dual-core. As this is my first attempt with a dual-core i have no base of reference or computer to check parts with so when something goes wrong its off to Fry's.
I have been using this computer for a week now with no incident but this weekend i took it down to show my brother and get his opinions when i started getting a really strange problem of it trying to boot directly to the cd drive when the main boot drive is set to the HD. Now i don't even get the blue screen of death as it will just sit there and cycle the cd drive over and over. i have tried every combo you can think of and pulled off everything and the problem continues. Fry's says the ram is good and the Video card is good and it is a Antec 550w power supply which is sli rated and also they have told me it checks out. When i took it up to Fry's case and all the retarded tech guy said it was the mother board so i bought a new one same model and brand no different. The problem persists to my never ending frustration.
I am running 2 gigs of 533 ram, with a BFG 7950gt pci-e, 200gb seagate HD, with a 2.13 dual-core, and a memorex 16x dvd/cd combo (cd runs at 48x) dual layer writer and reader.

PLEASE HELP i have spent the past week messing with this box that if nothing else works will be kicked out of my window and burned just so i wont have to look at it any more.