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Thread: Another Raid0 Question, ohnoez >:O

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    Another Raid0 Question, ohnoez >:O

    I've been using RAID0 for 2 or so years now with my trusty Maxtor 120GBs, but just wondering: I've heard you can setup RAID0 with more than 2 drives. So, my question is; could I setup a RAID when I upgrade my computer, with 4* 250Gb drives in RAID0 ? I know all the risks of losing 1 drive, lose the whole array etc etc. Just wondering if it is possible on the general SATA thingies that come with, for example the ASUS P5K.

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    The same rule applies to no raid on a single drive. If you lose the drive, the data is lost.

    Show us your HD Tach and HD Tune results. If they are good, you won't really see much of an improvment with more HDDs in RAID 0. You could get a more expensive controller and use RAID 10/RAID 0+1 or even RAID 5 to offer redundancy.

    Edit: I've heard that JB model Maxtor HDDs aren't very RAID friendly.
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    Yes it is possible with 4 drives on most controllers but why you would want to is beyond me. Raid 0 doesn't expand sideways very well and while there is no performance hit there will be no gain from it and for the extra worry about reliability. truth be told raid 5 works beautifully on between 4-6 drives. additionally it would benefit from a good quality controller.
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