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Thread: Connecting Audigy card to front panel

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    Connecting Audigy card to front panel

    Does anyone know if I can connect my Audigy sound card to the front IO panel of my Silverstone TJ07?The panel has the following connections:

    USB2.0 x 4
    IEEE1394 x 1
    audio jack x 1
    MIC x 1

    I want to try online gaming with a headset and mic, but don't want to keep messing around at the back of the PC every time I want to use headphones.

    The front panel has an Audio AC'97 lead and an Audio Azalia lead. I really would appreciate the help.

    BTW. I haven't yet decided on the headphones, so if its not possible. What USB headset would be best?
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    check on (home of kX drivers for emu10k1 devices). and just search for 'audigy pinout' or audigy2 pinout or whatever, youll find the answer there - you basically connect it onto the livedrive pinouts (theres about 40 pins in 2x20 config on the board if i remember correctly).

    EDIT: oh, if you are getting a USB headset then it doesnt need to be connected to the soundcard, if i remember correctly.
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