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Thread: Buying a new laptop for £700...............

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    Buying a new laptop for £700...............


    I am looking at buying one of these two laptops.

    Please advise me on which is a better investment.

    Been to comet and looked at them... they are exactly the same in specs.


    HP DV6299EA -

    any comments appreciated, thanks!

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    yes both the same specs, not checked screen pixels or anything,

    now if there is any chance you may have to get it repaired out of warranty and there is only one option. and thats not sony as the parts cost 3 times that of a HP to buy.

    unless you use a sony service center, then same again, expect to pay 3 times the bill of the HP for the same repair.

    if your going to get shut as soon as the warrantys up then get the sony..

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    but on build quality etc of the laptops what do you reckon?

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    They are both quite old models now and on the way out.

    £700 seems quite steep to be honest.

    Check out dells new line. Theres a recent thread from someone who got the new vostro 1500 with:

    1.8Ghz core 2 duo (santa rosa)
    2gb or Ram
    15.4" Widesreen (glossy)
    Geforce 8600gt 256mb
    120gb HDD

    and the usual goodies

    all for about £710 on the phone to them.

    Thats a fantastic laptop with great business level support. It's well built and bang up to date with dx10 graphics etc..

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