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Thread: Quick Q on dual mem type mobo

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    Quick Q on dual mem type mobo

    Hey guys,
    Just putting together a PC for my bro, and I was wondering what the Asus P5KC and Gigabyte GA P35C are like, as it makes sense to purchase DDR2 and then be able to upgrade "easily" to DDR3 when needed - I say easily in the sense that he wont have to change his mobo in order to use DDR3.

    So I just wanted to know if the Asus board is any different from its p5k variants, same question applies to the Gigabyte board.

    Links to each board:


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    I was under the impression that the p5k, p5k3 and p5kC were all the same board except for the memory slot variation. Know little about the Gigabyte offering.

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    Re: Quick Q on dual mem type mobo

    Asus have a P5K comparison chart here:

    From what I can see the P5KC is very similar to the P5K feature and PCB wise (except for stack cool 2 and the 2x DDR3 slots obviously ).

    You can use the more indepth comparison tool here:
    to see if there is anything else missing or added between specific versions.

    The Gigabyte board is probably a similar thing again, I think Gigabyte only produce 2 (maybe 3?) P35 PCBs and all are just revisions of those. If you find the matching versions reading reviews of those should give you a good idea about what the DDR2/3 combos are like.
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    Re: Quick Q on dual mem type mobo

    Boards are absolutely similar except additional memory slots, because P35 chipset has memory controller supporting both DDR2 and DDR3 memory types.

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