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Thread: slimline dvd problem

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    slimline dvd problem

    please can anyone tell me if a product is available to help me out. I am fitting a Dell picoBTX motherboard into a new media PC case. The DVD drive is a slimline laptop drive and Dell in their wisdom only allow for the drive to be connected to the motherboard via the IDE_OPT socket (using the orange ribbon found in laptops)

    What I'm after is an adapter/ mounting kit that would allow me to fit a laptop drive into a 5.25" drive bay. I have found that people have said they have adapters to fit a laptop drive and 3.5" drive (eg floppy/card reader) into the same drive, but I can't find one anywhere. Even my usual source for strange things (maplin) doesn't do anything.

    Anyone help?



    EDIT: Just to say that I no longer require the above. I had to get a new (non Dell) motherboard, that has several SATA and a 40 pin IDE connector. So I've purchased a std drive. Thanks anyway
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