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Thread: Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 5000

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    Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 5000

    This was on offer in PCWorld for £40 - so I thought why not

    I'm really liking the keyboard - after ironing a few niggles out
    First every time I clicked the play/pause button, media player would launch instead of just controlling winamp - then the skip track buttons would do browser forward and reverse. Disabling the buttons in the intellipoint software cured all this

    Unfortunately, I HATE the Wireless laser 5000 mouse that came with it

    It's all down to the middle mouse button. To click in requires a lot of pressure, especially compared to my old Logitech Optical Wheelmouse. The fact there are no notches in the wheel I can handle, but scrolling is next to useless. It's so unresponsive, it makes it unusable! You can scroll the wheel for a good few seconds before it is registered. I've tried upping the sensitivity and whatnot, but it just doesn't make any difference I've also notices that clicking the wheel also seems very unresponsive, you really need to hold it down for a second for it to register

    Any of you guys and ideas or experienced something similar?

    I'm afraid this will be returned in the morning - bah!!

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    Re: Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 5000

    No idea mate.

    I'm liking the demo on the myspace site though! : )

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    Re: Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 5000

    haha - thanks for the comments

    well, I kinda sorted out the scrolling by...ahem...restarting!! I just unplugged my old mouse, then put in the new 5000, and installed the software that came with. It didn't stay I had to restart, so I didn't. After a quick look on the MS support site I came across this

    Quote Originally Posted by microsoft
    This issue occurs because the tilt wheel on your Wireless Optical Desktop Elite and some other new Microsoft devices with the tilt wheel have a higher resolution (more wheel counts per rotation of the wheel) than earlier devices. The computer that has the new software installed is calibrated to work with a newer device so that when you use the old device, the scroll wheel on that device must rotate four times as much as the new device to send the same number of wheel counts to your computer.
    So I restarted, and I guess things were recalibrated!!

    Middle click still stucks though - its such and effort to click

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