I own four Shuttle SB51Gs and all four of them have now gone bad in a two-week period. One burned up (literally) after I swapped out the memory, so that one we don't count. The other three simultaneously "failed" and it is the most perplexing PC problem I've every seen. Here is what happened: my goal was to wipe all the boot drives and start over with Win XP Pro SP2 for various reasons (they had all been running one iteration of XP for the past several years with no problems other than getting clogged up with extraneous software etc.). All had AVG Anti-Virus and had no symptoms of such problems. One was totally free standing and never on the web nor did it get outside files, so absolutely no way a virus could be blamed for that one. When I go to install Win XP Pro on these machines everything goes as normal until we get to the point where the install needs to reboot and then continue the final part of the install. Everything locks up in a black screen at that point. This install disk has been used on other systems (non-Shuttle) with no problems, but it should not be a Windows related issue since we never get to the registration/verification process. In fact with some of these I can now no longer even boot to the Ultimate Book Disk CD or can't get into BIOS setup. Have swapped out at least five other hard drives, IDE cables, tried brand new memory, made sure everything else is out of the system (2nd hd drives, 2nd VGA, etc). I know these systems are infamous for switch or PS problems, so I am in the middle of taking out all the power supplies and swapping until I find one that is good. I simply can't accept that four power supplies would go bad simultaneously....can I? Any suggestions as to the right way to get to the bottom of this? I am perfectly willing to get other SFF to replace these, but in the meantime for perverse intellectual curiosity I must know what is going on here....bad BIOS (3 at once?), Satan at work, what????
thanks in advance,