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Thread: PRICE CHECK: Full Rig To Sell In Pieces...

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    Question PRICE CHECK: Full Rig To Sell In Pieces...

    basically gonna go for a nice new C2D lappy... Don't have the need for this anymore... was gonna keep it for a file server but i think the spec's abit wasted for that considering I should be getting a 500ish MB ram 400-800 mhz can't remember rig for free soon...

    AMD Mobile XP-M Barton 2600(or 2400 I'm not sure as its overclocked and just shows as unknown... I run the rig 24/7 so havent had time to check for stepping) BUT what I can tell you IS it DOES run 2.21ghz 24/7 365 perfectly... using the hardware I'm selling along side it
    It's multi unlocked as are all XP-M's I think?
    Asus A7N8X-X motherboard...
    Asus 9600xt 128mb agp FULLY BOXED with VIVO cable etc (only tested that once but had no use for it)
    TAGAN 500W DualEngine psu with braided cables and 8molex's and 4satas etc etc.FULLY boxed... should have some kind of warrenty if i can find the overclockers receipt its black too. Has dedicated SLI/VGA power connectors aswell... Warrenty is 3 years I think but you'd have to look into that for me
    I have a custom made HSF setup for the cpu... its a Coolermaster Aero 7+ copper heatsink with a Akasa 80-120mm adater with a nice EVERCOOL 120mm fan... its good... It keeps the 2.2ghz overclocked cpu @ around 36-44C on idle in a hotish room with an airing cubbard in on a summers day... and around 52ish max on load its also on 12v and only hums ... i'd say its quieter than most 80mm you could even 5v/7v it and only loose a lil in temps as its such a big fan
    Ram Wise... GeIL value select 3200 2x512mb DDR with box

    what do you reckon I could get for all of this seperately and together? please include rough postage estimates too to be cheeky! lol.

    also the psu excluding warrenty as a price too please.

    I do have a Chieftec Dragon DX01 Midi case... Its got a custom window but its not bolted/glued it just held in with electrical tape as i could never be arsed lol. If hotglued in this could look real nice its abit scratched from the cutting but its not that bad... doubt anyones interested because of the wieght of posting. still estimates for a local trade if you could? its "black" but actually dark grey lol.
    oh and some things are missing liek a few of the rail things to mount drives but i could probably find them... and i have made a couple of holes in one of the floppy bay covers for a fan controller thats not in there now...

    cheers again!
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    Re: PRICE CHECK: Full Rig To Sell In Pieces...

    On Ebay have seen the barton cpu go for up to £35 and if the M/B is revision 2, I've seen these go up to £ knock off £10 ea and would guess that's is what you will probably get.

    bTW that is what you should get selling on Ebay not Hexus.
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