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Thread: msi gx700 extreme?

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    msi gx700 extreme?

    well, im thinkin about gettin this laptop but ive read reviews about the 8600 gfx card inside it and they aint good. is the 8600 really as bad as people say? any advice welcome.... ie alternative laptops ect..
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    Re: msi gx700 extreme?

    The 8600GT is a very capable mobile card. Most people who've tried it on crysis are very happy to the tune of 1280 x 800 with medium settings.

    It might be wroth mentioning there are two versions, a GDDR2 and GDDR3, the latter being a faster more capable card.

    I'm not sure which version it has but the dell vostro has the GDDR2 version is still a great performer.

    The Asus G1/G2 has the DDR3 card and the same spec as the MSI otherwise so might be worth a look.

    As is the Dell vostro 1500/1700.

    What's your budget for the laptop?

    EDIT: one further thing to mention is that latpops native resolution which is very high. The 8600GT will certainly not play modern games at that resolution, it's simply not cut out for it. The 8700GT will not really do it either.

    There is a new dell XPS M1730 (i think) which has SLi 8700GT's which would probably do it but they are seriously expensive.

    Next month the 8800GTX mobile is released so it might be worth waiting to see if any laptops are released with that which fall into your budget.
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    Re: msi gx700 extreme?

    about £1100 :0

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