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Thread: Problem With My New PC Build

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    Question Problem With My New PC Build

    I have a very irritating problem with my new PC build that is prooving very hard to diagnose.

    I have posted the problem in the scan care section, but because some people that might be able to help will only be reading here, HERE is a link to my problem.


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    Re: Problem With My New PC Build

    Hi there, I would take the advice given and RMA the motherboard. You have paid a lot of money for the product to arrive in good condition i.e. no heatsinks hanging off. There could be other damage to the board which maybe is not 'visible' as a result of 'rough carriage' or damage at 'source'. When you are playing games you are putting more load on machine and could well have temp issues as a result of damaged heat sink. Do yourself a favor and RMA the motherboard first then build from scratch using one h/d and see how it goes. You could mess about with that for ages and still have to RMA the m/b so best do it now.

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