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Thread: What can i do about Visa 64 running like a dog?

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    Re: What can i do about Visa 64 running like a dog?

    Quote Originally Posted by EtheAv8r View Post
    He was running XP, and upgraded the machibe to Vista, and experienced 'dog-like' performance. When chatting about it I simply suggested he revert to XP to see what resulted, and he did and he reported the performance improvement. He has remained with XP.

    I am sorry I don't have detailed information, but might be able to quantify it - He did have some firm grounds for his findings, and may still have some detail - however feel free to snipe away to your hearts content, and enjoy your Vista.

    Im not sniping fella. Its just that the numbers you quoted for your mate cannot hold any truth.

    IF its a Vista problem then its something your mate is doing wrong wiht his set up. Even with that in mind, the chances (even if he could measure it), that its a 20-25% speed difference is highly unlikely.

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    Re: What can i do about Visa 64 running like a dog?

    Quote Originally Posted by Lucio View Post
    I think it might well be your CPU, whilst the Athalon's were designed as 64bit processors, I doubt very much that Microsoft put a lot of time optimising code for them.

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