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Thread: Which replacement 2.5" drive for laptop?

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    Which replacement 2.5" drive for laptop?

    My Macbook (original Core Duo SATA1) is one of those that has the wonderful high-failure rate Seagate 7.01 drives - so I'm planning on getting a new drive to replace it with pronto.

    Looking at 3 drives on scan - a Samsung, WD and Toshiba:
    120GB Samsung HM121HI Spinpoint M
    120 Gb Western Digital WD1200BEVS Scorpio
    120GB Toshiba MK1237GSX

    As far as I can tell, all are the same - 120gb, 5400rpm, 8mb cache, 3 year warranty, Sata1 - with the exception of the Samsung having NCQ. There's about £4 price difference between the 3, so price isn't really an issue.

    Anyone got any suggestions? I tried to find some reviews, but, couldn't - so any experience etc.. with brands appreciated. I have a Samsung in my desktop PC, so tempted to go and get one of those unless anyone has a reason otherwise

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    Re: Which replacement 2.5" drive for laptop?

    as a spare drive my tosh 200GB 2.5" drive is great - unfortunately I had troubles getting my tosh portege to recognise it

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