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Thread: #300 upgrade

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    #300 upgrade

    right, my brother currently has an old socket A system
    radeon 9800 pro
    756mb ram
    160gb ide hdd
    dvd-rom ide
    dvd-rw ide
    akasa 400w psu
    cheap'o case

    i have suggested something along these lines, but would appreciate some other suggestions if people know something better

    abit ip35e
    intel e2160
    2gb ddr2-6400 (prob corsair from scan)
    ati 3850

    i would suggest a 256mb 8800gt, but i cant find stock or a review to guage it against, and the one scan has comming in has rather slow ram, so i dont want to suggest one that could be a bit of a let down

    with the 3850 its comes in at 262 from scan, and the 256mb 8800gt would come in at 271 for the slower card, or 283 for the alpha dog card

    would he see a big increase in speed by using a e4500 or a e6320???

    he's gonna be playing wow and pirates of the burning sea on a 20" widescreen @ 1680x1050


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    Re: #300 upgrade

    Looks pretty much perfect a very good choices

    You can overclock the e2160 to 2.8ghz + anyway and it won't even be overclocking the motherboard as the chip is 800mhz FSB and the board has a native 1333Mhz FSB.

    Should be very easy to do and there's not a massive gain from the extra cache of the other two chips.

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