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Thread: Bought a preinstalled WC case (need advice)

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    Bought a preinstalled WC case (need advice)


    After much thought and consideration I bought this ;

    Computer hardware and software at amazing prices, available online from Scan Computers UK

    The description states;

    Case: Coolermaster Mystique RC-631-KWN1 - Black Alu Window with preinstalled water-cooling
    CPU cooler: NexXxos XP Light (incl. all mounting plates for für AMD XP, AMD 64, Socket 754, 939, 940, Intel Socket 775)
    Pump: Eheim 600 Station II 12V
    Radiator: Black-ICE Pro III
    Fan: 2x Alphacool 120 19dBa fan
    Tubing: 10mm
    Connections: Fittings 10/8mm

    but this is still very vague, it only has on loop, I plan to add another for my gfx card, but I don't understand, surly this system must have a resivior, or does the pump act as one?

    I plan to change the cpu block to something beefier, with more surface area, but only just realised the tubing size is tiny, so now I'm limited.

    I've got a e6600 B2 @ 1.4-1.5V I'm just wondering roughly what sort of cooling performance I can get out of this? and what sort of modifications I can do to improve the cooling?

    thx in advance
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    Re: Bought a preinstalled WC case (need advice)

    Can you take a picture of the case internals?

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