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Thread: Testing a laptop screen backlight

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    Mike Fishcake

    Testing a laptop screen backlight


    Just wondered if there was a way to properly test whether the backlight of a laptop screen is functioning properly. We have a spare test screen in our workshop that we can plug into the inverter of a laptop to find out whether it's sending power or not, but we'd also like to be able to send an electrical signal to the backlight of a screen to see if it powers the backlight on.

    Anyone got any hints? Anyone know what we need to send to a laptop screen to get it to power on properly?

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    Re: Testing a laptop screen backlight

    make a bodge it cable so you can use the inverter from a working screen to test it with

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    Re: Testing a laptop screen backlight

    If you unplug the signal cable and turn the laptop on then you should see the scree light up, might work on yours might not, know it works on advent and toshiba..

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