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Thread: RAM pairs

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    RAM pairs

    when we talk about ram in pairs if I was going for 4gb I've heard that 2x2gb is better than 4x1gb.

    Now the price of 2gb sticks is more than 2x1gb sticks. If I was really cheap i could get adata 800mhz cas 5 for £35 ie £70 for 4gb! thats a pretty good deal if your not overclocking! 2x2gb sticks are more expensive, are they worth it speedwise and reliability wise?

    are there issues with having 4 sticks, even if they are of the same spec and manufacturer?


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    Re: RAM pairs

    >>2x2gb is better than 4x1gb.

    presumably only for compatibility issues. if you have enough slots for the ram, and the board supports the type of ram correctly in those slots (single/dual sided issues are common) then it should be pretty much the same performance, though you may wanna double check that (there can't be that much/any latency addressing more than two sticks at once??)

    the main problems would be a) not having any slots left for further upgrades and b) possibility of one stick not matching if you wanted dual channel mode (this would only happen if one was of a different model than another, unlikely if you bought 4 identicle sticks at the same time).

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    Re: RAM pairs

    The main reason people give for going 2x2Gb is that they purportedly OC better. IMO by the time I need 8Gb I'll be buying a new mobo, etc., so I don't buy the upgrade argument...

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