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Thread: 8800GTS G92 ----> 88ooGTX: Which?

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    Re: 8800GTS G92 ----> 88ooGTX: Which?

    Isn't the reason why you cant run crysis on full with decent FPS partly driver based too?

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    Re: 8800GTS G92 ----> 88ooGTX: Which?

    Quote Originally Posted by badass View Post
    I'll buy it when its a £10 game and a £150 GFX card can play it maxed out.
    That's what I do for most games. Actually, Guitar Hero III is probably the first game in a long time I paid near full retail price for since I figured that it wouldn't be a resource hog (and because I had a discount code on

    Guess I am a cheapskate gamer () - but a gameplay remains the same new or old if I've never played it (if anything, it can improve as issues are patched), and I still like my 60fps with full eye candy at my required resolution (1900x1200).

    All without having to spend over £170-180 on a graphics card (never went above that, and don't intend to).

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