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Thread: RAM Speed Issue

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    RAM Speed Issue

    I recently built a computer for a friend, using this RAM ( Computer hardware and software at amazing prices, available online from Scan Computers UK )

    And, according to CPUZ, it is running at about 450MHz or something similar. Could you please help me on how to get it to run at its correct speed. Thanks

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    Re: RAM Speed Issue

    The RAM will automatically default to PC6400 with 5-5-5-18 timings.

    You need to go into the bios, find the the RAM settings, change the speed to either 1066 or 533Mhz depending on how it represents it. (DDR2 is essentially DDR multiplied by 2 so if the FSB is 533MHz it will actually be 533Mhz x 2 which gives you the 1066MHz )

    You will also need to change the voltage supplied to the RAM in Power settings within the bios else it won't boot with the adjusted freqencies.

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