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Thread: going water - what do people think?

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    going water - what do people think?


    Not been on here for ages, on account of being somewhat busy at work! Now that ive got some money, I can put a second-hand thermochill Pa120.2 to use.

    I am going water now, and will upgrade my chip once the q9450 is released (not long now, I hear).

    I have decided on the following:

    Laing DDC-1T Ultra w/Petras Tech DDCT-01 Delrin Top £53.84 Excl. VAT (£63.26) Incl. VAT

    Laing DDC Acrylic L Stand (XSPC) £3.83 Excl. VAT (£4.50) Incl. VAT

    (4m) 1/2" Clear High Flex Hose (XSPC) £7.21 Excl. VAT (£8.48) Incl. VAT

    Zinc Plated Jubilee Wormdrive Clip 1/2" (10 Pack) £3.10 Excl. VAT (£3.64) Incl. VAT

    12mm T connector £1.18 Excl. VAT (£1.39) Incl. VAT

    (1)Danger Den Fillports £7.65 Excl. VAT (£8.99) Incl. VAT

    Small Neck Funnel £0.89 Excl. VAT (£1.05) Incl. VAT

    10ml UV Water Dye (Green) £2.38 Excl. VAT (£2.80) Incl. VAT

    Feser Aqua - Ultra Pure Water - 1000 ml £3.61 Excl. VAT (£4.24) Incl. VAT

    Arctic Silver ArctiClean 60ml Kit £3.97 Excl. VAT (£4.66) Incl. VAT

    Artic Silver 5 - 12g £7.23 Excl. VAT (£8.49) Incl

    add to that around 40 for the Dtek Fuzion with accelerator nozzles. and it comes to around £140.

    Just wondering - will all this work together? I hear stuff about not mixing metals, and i dont think i would be with this stuff, would i?

    oh, and ill finally be getting thermalright hr03plus for my 8800gtx, and all will be well for me?!
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