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Thread: Television as a pc Monitor ??

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    Question Television as a pc Monitor ??

    I have got an Epia M10000 motherboard in a Chyang cube case with a Nebula DigiTVcard,which i have been using as a HTPC,and to surf the internet on ,i use the built in on board graphic,i have been viewig on a 17"TFT monitor ,now my problem is the monitor has been broken and i am wanting to know can i conect my this set up to a 20" television set,the only socket on the rear of the TV is a scart socket.can this be done ?,and if yes,how and what cables would i need.?.
    At the moment i am having to use a public computer.
    It would only be for a few weeks unitll i can afford to buy a new monitor.

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    yeah you can do it - places like dixons will sell a scart-phono lead, which looks something like this - you can then plug the scart into your telly and one of the yellow or brown phono leads into your mobo, make sure you unplug your monitor and it should just work - go into the bios at first boot and make sure that the tv-output is set to pal, not ntsc. i wouldnt reccomend trying to work/read stuff on there thou -tv screens are awful. why not buy a really really cheap 2nd hand monitor - can be had for under £20 | I have sigs turned off..

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    If your machine has s-video output, use that -- it's streets ahead of composite. S-video to scart adaptors are about a tenner in Maplin. | | blog | old pics | new pics

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    A scart to phono/S-Video adapter are £10 at Maplins, although seen them for £1 but can't get hold of any right now. I just bought a load of stuff from, cost £3.50 on there I think and their S-Video cables are fully shielded, OFC and gold plated, only about £4 each.

    Only cables you'll need are SVHS and one of those scart adapters. Not sure if the Epia use S-Video or composite, if its just composite just get a composite cable instead of the S-Video cable. Some TV's just wont work with a PC though, have my shuttle hooked up to my TV and it works fine, took it round me mates and it just wouldn't work no matter what mode I picked.

    I've got a 28" TV, been using my shuttle on there (just got my KVM switch yesterday ) and its pretty hard to see what you're doing, even at 800x600 so I'd try to get hold of a monitor for now- you might buy all the leads then discover it wont work on your TV, at least with another monitor you know it'll work properly.

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