Hi All,

I was hoping for some opinions on the new Penryn CPUs from Intel. Whilst they look like an obvious step up (well down actually but you know what I mean ) from the current 65nm architecture, are they actually worth waiting for considering that a Q6600 already overclocks easily?

I know overclocking isn't for everyone, but from the threads I've read on this board, it seems like this processor has LOTS of headroom in it. I've already got a gigantic Scythe heatsink on my S939 that came with S775 adapters so that's not a worry anyway.

I've also read that the new Penryns are going to be multiplier locked where as the Q6600 isn't which means that with minimal overclocking, you're going to get a CPU that will be faster than the first penryns anyway.

Upgrade time has rolled around again and whilst I don't "need" to upgrade, I do a few things that could do with some extra cpu power very soon (mySQL, Photoshop, Music Production). So if it was your choice, would you wait for the Quad Core Penryns (around March I think) or just go ahead and get a q6600 and overclock it to 3Ghz?