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Thread: HTPC Bulid With Samsung R8 series tv

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    HTPC Bulid With Samsung R8 series tv

    I've got a PC which i use to watch Films and movies on so i decided to take it into my room as an HTPC

    Pentinum 4(630)
    Foxconn 945G7MA-8EKRS2H
    2GB Corsair Value select (4x512MB) DDR2 667MHz
    ATI X1800XL All In Wonder
    LG GSA-4163B Black 16x16 ±R Dual Layer DVD Writer
    200Gb Maxtor Diamondmax Plus 10
    Coolmaster CMStacker Silver Trim
    580W HiperPower Type-R Modular Blue PSU Quiet Dbl Fan

    Now i planned on using the DVI output to go into the HDMI 2 so i can use custom resolutions

    Xbox 360 is on vga, which i do like

    how would i get the audio though the hdmi port? I could by a hdmi video card, Am i being silly and just run the 360 via component.
    I would rather increase storage.
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    Re: HTPC Bulid With Samsung R8 series tv

    You can get video and audio over the same HDMI link using the new HD 38xx series (not sure about the HD 2xxx series) these cards also have video decoding built in which takes a lot of load of the CPU which can only be a good thing.

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