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Thread: Barton 2800+ - Any good?

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    definatly buy it!i have one and they are very fast and reliable for overclocking! keeps nice temps aswell. stock is 2083mhz. it is easy to oc as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by silentphoenix

    Ive been offered a Barton 2.8ghz.

    Im not sure if i should get it tho.

    As standard its 2800dk4vd and xxx370xxx (cant rem the last three digitd but definately low).

    You can see that it has the downgraded from 3.7, but the stepping is lowish : AQXCA.

    I think its unlocked - week 34 2003.

    Should I go for this or just go mad and get a 3200+? Thanks
    It does not mean it's downgraded from a 3700+, there was and still isn't a 3700+, even on X86-64, those numbers are fairly meaningless.

    AXDA2500DKV4D Z315587201118

    is my stepping, and it hits over 2.5GHz prime stable. The meaningful characters are the last 3 digits of the top line, and the whole of the bottom line. SPMW and XPMW are the best clockers in general, and week 30 were the best week for the barton.

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