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Thread: Help with my overclock

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    Help with my overclock

    I got an Abit IP35-E and a E2180 and 2GB Patriot DDR 2 667

    Now i know my ram will limit my overclock so, i wanted to achieve 10*333=3.33GHZ 1:1 ratio:

    Currently I'm on 266*10 ram running 667 1:1.25

    what settings will allow me to achive the above etc max cpu voltage, chipset voltage. I just hate having to reset the Cmos.

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    Re: Help with my overclock

    No one will be able to give you exact numbers here,its always different, but IMO you wont need to change memory or chipset voltages to reach 333Mhz, just set it on 333 and test using OCCT or Orthos, probably you wont get errors, if system crashes, just move up the CPU voltage one increment, that should work fine, IMO. Anything you do is at your own risk! Good luck.
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    Re: Help with my overclock

    I think 3333mhz MIGHT be a push at default... I'd start at 9x333 (3ghz) myself...

    There is a good thread on this mobo at Anandtech (Google the board and $70 Best Buy if I recall). Hope that helps.

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