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Thread: Novatech Laptops

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    Novatech Laptops

    Hey guys i had ordered a rock notebook but decided to cancel as i wanted to get a bit more money together to get an 8800m GTX. However was jsut on the novatech website and they seem to have similar specs alot cheaper and still comes with 2 years warranty.

    So is there something wrong with them lol?

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    Rocks comparison is here

    rock :: Xtreme 770 :: Ultimate performance gaming laptops and notebooks

    Big price difference in my opinion for what seems to be the same laptop.

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    Re: Novatech Laptops

    The main differences I notice right away are the Rock comes with a HD DVD drive rather than standard DVD and it is also a newer cpu revision which has a more efficient 45nm architecture which means less heat which can only be a good thing in a laptop. It also has a 7200rpm hard drive the Novatech one doesnt say the speed so I would assume 5400rpm but it is bigger!

    I also notice the novatech says (on he page you linked) it has a 12 month not 2 years return to base warranty Rock provide 3 years and provide collect and delivery.

    The Rock is also slightly lighter and thinner if that is important.

    Personally the only things in that list that would be important to me are the newer CPU, better warranty and weight/size. If they are worth £300 i don't know!

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