sorry if already asked,
ripping hair out over it (mild exageration) (and poor spellin) (can't be bothered googlin it correct even)
I know, £65 x-plosion 24 96, £118 xonar 24 192 and I've read reviews

I did read a review on the rebadged x-plosion (Club3D Theatron Agrippa) which made me believe it would not be much of an upgrade from my cm6501 onboard but most seem positive about the x-plosion.

Where did the meridian go (oxygen cm 8788?) and why?

I love music and films, very few games these days
I got some logitech z5500s they're nice for digital music and film, different (not worse, just different )from my pioneer amp, tannoy m1's and jbl control 1g's in the living room but for the price can't complain, coz I didn't have 3-500 for other options, actually radiohead, miles davis, cinematic orchestra and eno all sound good, but the question!

Is my onboard sound holding sound back, I just don't know anymore, are my ears playin tricks
£118 is alot of money, will the difference be that big
(my pioneer amp (vsx blah) is over 10 yrs old)
has sound quality in amps moved on
ok stopping now!
any thoughts anyone?