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Thread: No HDD Shuttle

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    No HDD Shuttle

    Hi all

    I have a plan to build a shuttle which will not have a hdd or optical drives and I plan to boot it across the network (Linux obviously, probably either Linux MCE or Gentoo + Myth TV) and stream all the data from my server in another part of the house. I hope as much as possible to just use IR/bluetooth from a remote to control the system which should all be handled by the OS & applications.

    I do however have a few h/w related questions for this project:
    1. How much stress will network booting the OS put on the server? It is currently: AMD 3700+ and 2GB DDR2 RAM but I was thinking of upgrading it to a dual maybe quad core and 4GB RAM.
    2. Could you recommend any good shuttle/set top box cases with IR in them and preferably bluetooth.
    3. I know the shuttle will need 2GB of RAM min realistically but does it really need a dual core to network boot it?

    Any thoughts on the questions and the project as a whole would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: No HDD Shuttle

    I would say network booting is easier on the server than media streaming, so you should be good to go on that.

    Look up the Linux Terminal Server Project ( and the hardware mentioned by people is lower than your existing AMD chip despite acting as a server for thin clients (which is far harder work than your expected use).

    Quad core would, I believe, give you 3 unused cores in this scenario

    Me, well I was going to go down that route but in the end a 160GB Samsung drive was so quiet and so cheap (the PSU fan is way noisier) that I just ended up doing a normal Fedora + MythTV install.

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    Re: No HDD Shuttle

    Thanks for the response.

    I was hoping to go completely fanless for cooling to try and reduce the noise but I guess it depends on the CPU I end up using.

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