about a week ago i purchased a new hard drive. i bought a samsung 160gig. tis a great drive, very quiet.

my plan was this. buy the new drive, ghost the entire contents of my old drive to it and then to use it as the master drive and use my current drive as the secondry.

i had a few problems with the drive when i got it as first but fixed everything up by installin sp1 and updating my bios to cater for the large drive size.

i used norton ghost 2003 to ghost the contents of my old drive to the new one but when i set the new drive as the master (in the same machine) it wont boot.

it gets to the screen with the blue backround with the windows logo on it and then hangs. its the screen right before it says welcome.

has anybody got any ideas on how to resolve this. i need to get it fixed up soon as i am moving to germany (for 6 months) in about four weeks and i want to bring the drive so i can build a machine over there.

any help would be appreciated!