Looking for a cheapish wireless keyboard and mouse for my parents PC(ideally no more than about £40 odd £60 at most, cannot afford likes of G5).

Looking for radio rather than infared for better range and reliability. I have an MX1000 desktop kit myself which I have been pleased with(apart from the mouse charging connections getting oxidised occasionally so have to wire wool it to allow it to charge properly without "wiggling it about" in the charging stand for 5 mins).

Would prefer built in rechargeable battery for the mouse(but not essential). Want a good quality keyboard and mouse. And in an ideal world, a keyboard that can light up at night if necessary.

Mouse also needs to have thumb buttons on side as my dad has gotten used to it(as have I when I 1st had intellimouse 3 then the mx1000).

I know I'm asking a lot for a low price but want the best quality kit I can get for around that price.