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Thread: upgrade options, bit of advice needed!

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    Re: upgrade options, bit of advice needed!

    the arctic cooler is a good value option but personally i have found them to be a bit hit or miss, sometimes they are very effective and other times they are barely better than the stock cooler.

    i have heard good thing about this xigmatic cooler however the scyth mine, ninja,mini ninja, thermalright ultra, ultima or ultra extreme are all more popular options.

    I personally have and prefer the ultima, decent fitting method to the board excelent performnce and quite small although it DOES require an additional fan. Your option will depend a lot on your case as this restricts the height.

    Quote Originally Posted by distantt View Post
    mainly FPS, crysis will definitely be something i'll be looking forward to playing along with oblivion, stalker, bioshock plus a few RTS games - company of heroes etc. using at the moment 2 x 19" widescreen monitors but looking at a single 22" - 24" monitor in coming months, hopefully 24" to make full use of HD when blu ray drives come down in price)
    If your going to make use of FULL HD (ie 1080p) then dont opt for a 24" monitor. You can barely tell the differences in normal HD viewing between 720 and 1080 at those screen sizes, if you really want to get good viewing at that resolution then do what im doing and hold out with 2x19" till 30"+ becomes affordable to you. Gaming is a different story although that kind of resolution is very demanding on gfx card.
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