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Thread: USB Tv Tuner

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    USB Tv Tuner

    Hey guys im looking a usb tv tuner for my laptop for university. Any ideas on which ones are best? I would ideally like spend no more than £50 and id like to be able to receive all the freeview digital channels etc. Ive never bought anything like this before so i have no clue what is good or not. Id also like to buy from komplett as possible so i can add it to the rest of my order.

    I cant use an express card slot cause my x-fi is going to be taking up that space...

    thanks guys!
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    Re: USB Tv Tuner

    I bought a cheap £20 Kworld USB tuner from a today only deal a while back, wasn’t that great but just about did the job when I hooked it up to the aerial on the roof. I wanted to get a better tuner and found that general opinion is that USB tuners are pretty poor compared to the proper cards but some people in strong signal areas used them without any problems. So the amount of chanels you would get would depend how strong the signal was where u are going and whether u could connect to a proper aerial (the small aerials that come with them are just laughable!)

    As for which one its hard to say as i have heard mixed reviews about virtually every make due to the quality of them being more dependant on where u live. My cheap one was ok some days when it was given a decent signal but that was hard to do where i live!

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    Re: USB Tv Tuner

    I have to admit, EyeTv is brillant. Definatley recommend it.

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